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Kourion archaeological heritage site self guided tour in Cyprus

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Sijainti: Limassol
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  • Tour the ruins of one of Ancient Greece’s most technologically advanced and culturally fascinating cities
  • Visit historic sites like the House of Eustolios and learn the complex history behind them
  • Watch the ancient city come to life around you as the tour narration recreates its Golden Age
  • See some of the earliest Christian sites, dating back nearly 2,000 years

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This self-guided audio and GPS tour begins at the Kourion Archaeological Site entrance.

First, you’ll see the House of Eustolios, where one of the city’s most prominent noblemen once lived. There, you’ll be filled in on the ancient history of Kourion and it’s significance today.

Next, you’ll visit the amphitheatre, where thousands of people once watched theatrical and musical performances. The tour will bring to life what this structure must have looked like when packed by crowds, and give you insight into its tremendously difficult construction.

Continuing through the ruins, you’ll hear about Kourion’s Golden Age, and the roles of famous figures like Alexander the Great and Ptolemy in its history.

Then, on to the Kourion aqueducts, an architectural marvel that was among the most advanced technological achievements of its time.

Stroll through the Agora, or “gathering place” next, where bustling markets and assemblies once drew thousands of the city’s residents. Get some insight into the unique architecture of this place before continuing on to the Public Baths, once the site of lavish, heated pools where citizens relaxed and conversed with good friends. But the most impressive baths are yet to come. These, you’ll find at the Roman Nymphaeum, built of stunning white marble.

After that, pay a visit to the Gladiator House, which features a mosaic depicting a gladiator battle. Here, you’ll learn the real history of gladiators, and uncover some of the facts behind the myths.

Next up is the House of Achilles, featuring another mosaic depicting the mythical figure of Achilles, who you’ll learn more about at this stop.

Then it’s on to one of the earliest Christian Basilicas, dating back to the fifth century. Believe it or not, the seat of the Pope was once located right here!

As you continue back toward the Visitor Center where you began, you’ll hear about some other key sites to see in the city, including the Temple of Apollo. You’ll also learn about the devastating earthquake that struck Kourion and destroyed this thriving city. Then, listen to the tale of how the city disappeared from memory for centuries before being rediscovered. The tour concludes at the Visitor Center.

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Ancient Kourion, Episkopi, Cyprus

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• This is a self-guided tour. No guide will accompany you. The Action Tour Guide app functions as a guide, an audio tour, and a map all in one

• After the booking, you will receive an email and text with a link to the Action Tour Guide app and a unique password to access the tour within the app

• This tour has been developed by local guides, curated by creative writers, and narrated by professional voice artists

• Most stops along the tour have animated videos allowing you to visualize what you cannot see, such as snapshots from different centuries or interior rooms

• This tour is valid forever - from the moment of booking. You will not need to change the booking if your travel plans change

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